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genshin impact, fate, 1girl, dress, alcohol, sitting, v, jeanne D'arc (Fate), jewelry, thigh, looking_at_viewer, black_hair, indoors, arlecchino, red_eyes, holding, white_hair, short_hair, cup, multicolored_hair, glove, bottle, whiskey, earring, anime_style, fate_series, jeanne_darc_alter, crossed_legs, black_gloves, drinking_glass, streaked_hair, holding_cup, bar_(place), wine_bottle AI Artwork 'AI Artwork' prompts: white hair, black hair, multicolored hair, x-shaped pupils, black eyes, AlterGown, , (in a night bar), (smug gaze), (sitted near the bar counter ),(crossing legs ),(dynamic pose),(dynamic view),

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