AI Art: Ishtar finally hugging Ereshkigal final ver by @Mommy Jane | PixAI - Anime AI Art Generator for Free

fate, hug, anime_style, ereshkigal_(fate), ishtar_(fate) AI Artwork 'Ishtar finally hugging Ereshkigal final ver' prompts: ((fix the arm going into the body of the woman)), ((add a hand thats hugging her back)), (((masterpiece))), (((best quality))), ((ultra-detailed)), (illustration), (detailed light), (((Ereshkigal / Fate Grand Order))), (((Ishtar/ Fate Grand Order))), rin tohsaka face, 2 girls, hugging each other, both being very happy by hugging each other, (Ereshkigal smiling alot), (Ishtar smile while crying),more_details:1, art2bloom

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