AI Art: Matching Clothes 2 by @QX106 | PixAI - Anime AI Art Generator for Free

fate, 2girls, saber, smile, dress, armpit, ahoge, jeanne D'arc (Fate), looking_at_viewer, Saber Alter, long_hair, indoor, glove, multiple_girls, open_mouth, anime_style, fate_series, yellow_eyes, bare_shoulders, black_gloves, elbow_gloves, jeanne_d'arc_alter_(fate), jeanne_d'arc_alter_(avenger)_(fate), artoria_pendragon_(fate), jeanne_d'arc_(alter) AI Artwork 'Matching Clothes 2' prompts: (masterpiece, best quality:1.2), 2 girls, (AlterGown ) and (sabaltst4 ), , (in a coffee), (happy smile), (sitted near the window ),(dynamic pose),(dynamic view), viewing each other

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