AI Art: Mordred futuristic attire by @John Doe | PixAI - Anime AI Art Generator for Free

fate, 1girl, outdoors, smile, ponytail, fgo, navel, grin, looking_at_viewer, scrunchie, green_eyes, long_hair, mordred_(fate), blonde_hair, pant, hair_ornament, bang, long_sleeves, anime_style, sidelock, arms_up, arms_behind_head, parted_bangs, hair_scrunchie, mordred_(fate/apocrypha) AI Artwork 'Mordred futuristic attire ' prompts: Mordred, fog, Redranger, 1woman, no helmet, confident, smile, Mordred cosplaying as the redranger, toned, athletic, shiny skin, posing, posing for viewer, perfect quality, masterpiece, blonde hair, green eyes.

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