AI Art: Saber posing with Excalibur in her hand by @hta | PixAI - Anime AI Art Generator for Free

fate, outdoors, saber, smile, dress, sky, weapon, sword, ahoge, braid, looking_at_viewer, cloud, green_eyes, blonde_hair, holding, セイバー, bang, long_sleeves, holding_weapon, anime_character, anime_style, fate_series, fate_stay/night, closed_mouth, artoria_pendragon, holding_sword, artoria_pendragon_(fate), excalibur_(fate/stay_night) AI Artwork 'Saber posing with Excalibur in her hand ' prompts: there is an anime girl in a dress carrying a weapon in her right hand, 1girl, solo, large breasts, sword, weapon, Excalibur, Excalibur sword, dress, long dress, cleavage, holding sword, smile, holding, holding weapon, Iooking at viewer,bbsaber, green eyes, ahoge,

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