Introduction to Microdisplays (Wiley Series in Display Technology)

Microdisplays are tiny, high-resolution electronic displays, designed for use in magnifying optical systems such as HDTV projectors and near-eye personal viewers. As a result of research and development into this field, Microdisplays are incorporated in a variety of visual electronics, notably new 3G portable communications devices, digital camera technologies, wireless internet applications, portable DVD viewers and wearable PCs.Introduction to Microdisplays encapsulates this market through describing in detail the theory, structure, fabrication and applications of Microdisplays. In particular this book:Provides excellent reference material for the Microdisplay industry through including an overview of current applications alongside a guide to future developments in the fieldCovers all current technologies and devices such as Silicon Wafer Backplane Technology, Liquid Crystal Devices, Micromechanical Devices, and the emerging area of Organic Light Emitting DiodesPresents guidance on the design of applications of Microdisplays, including Microdisplays for defence and telecoms, from basic principles through to their performance limitationsIntroduction to Microdisplays is a thorough and comprehensive reference on this emerging topic. It is essential reading for display technology manufacturers, developers, and system integrators, as well as practising electrical engineers, physicists, chemists and specialists in the display field. Graduate students, researchers, and developers working in optics, material science, and telecommunications will also find this a valuable resource.

微型顯示器是微型高分辨率電子顯示器,設計用於放大光學系統,例如高清電視投影儀和近眼個人觀看器。作為該領域研究和開發的成果,微顯示器被納入各種視覺電子產品中,特別是新型 3G 便攜式通信設備、數碼相機技術、無線互聯網應用、便攜式 DVD 觀看器和可穿戴 PC。微顯示器簡介通過以下內容概括了這個市場:詳細描述了微顯示器的理論、結構、製造和應用。特別是這本書:通過包括當前應用概述以及該領域未來發展指南,為微顯示行業提供優秀的參考材料涵蓋所有當前技術和設備,例如矽片背板技術、液晶設備、微機械設備以及有機光的新興領域發光二極管提供了微顯示器應用的設計指南,包括用於國防和電信的微顯示器,從基本原理到其性能限制。微顯示器簡介是關於這一新興主題的全面而全面的參考。對於顯示技術製造商、開發商和系統集成商,以及顯示領域的電氣工程師、物理學家、化學家和專家來說,本書是必備讀物。



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