Radiography in the Digital Age: Physics, Exposure, Radiation Biology/數字時代的放射線照相:物理學、曝光、放射生物學

Long overdue, this new work provides just the right focus and scope for the practice of radiography in this digital age, covering four entire courses in a typical radiography program. The entire emphasis of foundational physics has been adjusted in order to properly support the specific information on digital imaging that will follow. The paradigm shift in imaging terminology is reflected by the careful phrasing of concepts, accurate descriptions and clear illustrations throughout the book. There are 644 illustrations, including meticulous color line drawings, numerous photographs and stark radiographs. The two chapters on digital image processing alone include 60 beautifully executed illustrations. Foundational chapters on math and basic physics maintain a focus on energy physics. Obsolete and extraneous material has been eliminated, while concepts supporting digital imaging are more thoroughly discussed. All discussion of electricity is limited to only those concepts, which bear directly upon the production of x-rays in the x-ray tube. Following is a full discussion of the x-ray beam and its interactions within the patient, the production and characteristics of subject contrast, and an emphasis on the practical application of radiographic technique. This is conventional information, but the terminology and descriptions used have been adapted with great care to the digital environment. No fewer than ten chapters are devoted directly to digital imaging, providing extensive coverage of the physics of digital image capture, digital processing techniques, and the practical applications of both CR and DR. Image display systems are brought up to date with the physics of LCD screens and of electronic images. Chapters on Radiation Biology and Protection include an unflinching look at current issues and radiation protection in practice.

這部遲來的新作品為這個數字時代的放射線攝影實踐提供了正確的焦點和範圍,涵蓋了典型放射線攝影計劃的四門完整課程。基礎物理學的整個重點已經過調整,以便正確支持隨後的數字成像的具體信息。全書對概念的仔細措辭、準確的描述和清晰的插圖反映了成像術語範式的轉變。共有 644 張插圖,包括細緻的彩色線條圖、大量照片和鮮明的射線照片。僅關於數字圖像處理的兩章就包含 60 張精美的插圖。關於數學和基礎物理的基礎章節仍然關注能量物理。過時的和無關的材料已被消除,同時支持數字成像的概念得到了更徹底的討論。所有關於電的討論都僅限於那些直接影響 X 射線管中 X 射線產生的概念。以下是對 X 射線束及其在患者體內的相互作用、主體對比度的產生和特徵的全面討論,並強調放射線照相技術的實際應用。這是傳統信息,但所使用的術語和描述已根據數字環境進行了精心調整。不少於十章直接討論數字成像,廣泛介紹了數字圖像捕獲的物理原理、數字處理技術以及 CR 和 DR 的實際應用。圖像顯示系統與 LCD 屏幕和電子圖像的物理原理保持同步。關於輻射生物學和輻射防護的章節包括對當前問題和實踐輻射防護的堅定審視。放射生物學通過大量清晰的插圖清晰地呈現,並以平衡的視角呈現



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