Unlimited Blade Works (UBW) | Weapon LoCON [Official Release] [Axe, Bows, DualWielding, Fan, Katana, Knife, Kunai, Lightsaber, MasterSword, Planted Swords, Scythe, Sheathed, Shield, Spear, Staff, Tomahawk, Trident, Unsheathing, Warhammer, Whip]

Unlimited Blade Works (UBW) | Weapon LoCON

This is a LyCORIS and you need this Extension for this to work. Model changed from LoHA to LoCON in 1.6.

Weight can go from 0.5 up to 1.0. I recommend 0.9. ControlNet will streamline full body shots much easier, or more complex poses. Works with almost every Style, every Character and Photorealistic Models. I also recommend using some ControlNet Depth/HED for easier use. I personally dont use them, but every help is appreciated. Some of @antonio_riolo2610 Models: v1 / v2. Also a big thanks to @Temporarium for helping me out with the Dataset.

Refer to the version details for Changelog. Keep in mind, that despite this LoCON, that Weapons are very difficult to generate. This only helps, but dont solve the issue.

This is now an official release of this Model and includes 23 CONCEPTS. Trained on 6,5k Images with 16,5k Training Steps. Trained on 7k Images with 45k Training Steps. Some of these are still unstable, even going over every Image manually. I also included some stances and Weapons that can be combined (Dual Wield of Axe, etc). Try some crazy stuff, even I couldn’t fully test this Model after many hours. Here are the Triggerwords and helping prompts:


  • Axe²
  • BowAiming³
  • BowHolding³
  • DualWielding²
  • Fan²
  • KatanaOneHand
  • KatanaTwoHands³
  • Knife²
  • Kunai²³
  • Lightsaber²
  • Unlimited Blade Works²
  • MasterSword³
  • PlantedSword
  • Scythe
  • Sheathed
  • Shield²
  • Spear²
  • Staff
  • SwordAndSheath³
  • Tomahawk²
  • Trident²
  • Unsheathing³
  • Warhammer²
  • Whip

² = can be combined

³ = very unstable

Helping Prompt:

holding, weapon, holding weapon, holding (Triggertag)

Stances Prompt:

Weapon over shoulder, Weapon on back, fighting stance, stance

這是 LyCORIS,您需要此擴展才能正常工作。1.6 中模型從 LoHA 更改為 LoCON。

權重可以從 0.5 到 1.0。我推薦0.9。ControlNet 可以更輕鬆地簡化全身拍攝或更複雜的姿勢。適用於幾乎所有風格、每個角色和真實感模型。我還建議使用一些 ControlNet Depth/HED 以便於使用。我個人不使用它們,但感謝每一個幫助。一些@antonio_riolo2610模型:v1 / v2。還要非常感謝@Temporarium幫助我處理數據集。

請參閱變更日誌的版本詳細信息。請記住,儘管有這種 LoCON,但武器很難生成。這只會有幫助,但不能解決問題。

現在這是該模型的正式版本,包含23 個概念。 使用 16,5k 訓練步驟對 6,5k 圖像進行訓練 。使用 45k 訓練步驟在 7k 圖像上進行訓練。即使手動檢查每個圖像,其中一些仍然不穩定。我還包括了一些可以組合的姿勢和武器(雙持斧頭等)。嘗試一些瘋狂的東西,即使我在幾個小時後也無法完全測試這個模型。以下是觸發詞和幫助提示:


  • 斧頭²
  • 弓瞄準³
  • 持弓³
  • 雙持²
  • 風扇²
  • 單手武士刀
  • 武士刀雙手³
  • 刀²
  • 苦無23
  • 光劍²
  • 無限刀片工作²
  • 大師劍³
  • 插劍
  • 帶護套
  • 盾牌²
  • 矛²
  • 職員
  • 劍與鞘³
  • 戰斧²
  • 三叉戟²
  • 出鞘³
  • 戰鎚²
  • 鞭子

² = 可以組合

³ = 非常不穩定








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