ICBINP - "I Can't Believe It's Not Photography"

Got a potato for a PC? Use this model for free on Happy Accidents or on the Stable Horde

Updated - SECO: SECO = Second-stage Engine Cutoff (I watch too many SpaceX launches!!) - am cutting this model off now, and there may be an ICBINP XL release, but will see what happens. Afterburn seemed to forget to turn the lights up in a lot of renders, so have updated the merge to balance that out while improving everything. A couple of images showing the timeline of ICBINP are in the image gallery at the bottom showing progress since v1. Most of the images have had ControlNet Tile + Ultimate SD Upscale done to them so you can see what a “finished product” will look like, as well as a mix of some with just hires fix, and as usual our calibration man in the suit. NOTE: The CFG scales will be quite high as the Dynamic Thresholding extension was used - recommend CFG of 4-6 if not using that extension

Following on from Gorilla With A Brick, I’ve merged in 10 more photorealistic models at various weights, and some more noise offset to create something that when prompted for photorealism will make you go “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Photography”. It will happily create CGI characters and awesome landscapes as well.

As always, pruned to fp16, the VAE is baked in (SD-v2 840000), and the man in the suit can be used as the calibration prompt on any UI!


更新 - SECO:SECO = 第二階段發動機切斷(我看了太多 SpaceX 的發射!!) - 現在正在切斷這個模型,並且可能會有 ICBINP XL 版本,但會看看會發生什麼。Afterburn 似乎忘記在很多渲染中打開燈光,因此更新了合併以平衡這一點,同時改進了一切。底部的圖片庫中有幾張顯示 ICBINP 時間線的圖像,顯​​示了自 v1 以來的進展。大多數圖像都經過 ControlNet Tile + Ultimate SD Upscale 處理,這樣您就可以看到“成品”的樣子,以及一些剛剛僱用修復的混合圖像,和往常一樣,我們穿著西裝的校准人員。注意:由於使用了動態閾值擴展,CFG 比例將相當高 - 如果不使用該擴展,建議使用 4-6 的 CFG

《Gorilla With A Brick》之後,我又合併了10 個不同權重的真實感模型,以及更多的噪點抵消,以創建一些在提示真實感時會讓你“我不敢相信這不是攝影”的東西。它也能愉快地創建 CGI 角色和令人驚嘆的風景。

與往常一樣,修剪為 fp16,VAE 被烘焙(SD-v2 840000),並且西裝革履的人可以用作任何 UI 上的校準提示!



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